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***** NEW FOR 2006 *****
Our Training Range Has Been Created As A Direct Result Of Customer Requests From Other Project Work
  Do I Need Any More Knowledge?
(Will My Head Explode?)

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have a team it's a good idea to have a look at those links every now and then. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing - no knowledge is downright lethal.

Our approach to training is based around the workplace requirement. If you want formal certification in IT Theory, or a degree in Marketing Strategy there are places better equipped than us to help you achieve it.

We have always targeted our business strategy at helping to get things done, so it is only natural that our training is aimed along the same lines. We prefer to conduct our skill based training courses on site, but where this is impracticable we are happy to arrange suitable premises and facilities anywhere in the UK.

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Typical Course Content.
(What Do I Get?)

What do you get from our training? In a word - cleverer.

Sometimes training courses can give more detail than is useful. Part One of the course - great, Part Two - really interesting, Part Three - not quite sure I fully understand that, Part Four - gosh is that the time, I could get the early train if I leave now (rushes out the door, leaving all memory of Part One somewhere on the way). If this scenario hasn't happened to you, congratulations. The chances are that it has, or worse still that it has happened to someone in your team.

We aim our courses at what we agree with you and your teams will give most benefit. Sometimes this can be a simple session on how to pull a text file into a spreadsheet, and ways to play about with it so that it gives some useful information. Sometimes it can be general look at how you can use everyday tools (e.g. Microsoft Office) that you already have to make life a bit easier. Why continually layout a pricelist, when sales has to key the prices into a spreadsheet for you to work from anyway? Can this be automated in someway?

Equally you may have a bespoke in-house system with a handful of people who know how to get the best from it, but who are not comfortable in ways of passing that knowledge on. Our experience in working on projects, getting in-house staff to feel comfortable working with us, conducting business analysis, preparing documentation, and other associated tasks gives us an edge at getting that valuable knowledge into a format where we can package it up as a manageable course.

Where appropriate we can use your own people to present specialist parts of the course or workshops, but can give them the backup and presentation aids and skills that they would otherwise lack. In following this line the training becomes not only valuable for the attendees, but also acts as a "training the trainers" session.

We would normally provide all training materials and handouts, but where appropriate we are happy to incorporate any specialist literature relevant to your organisation.

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  Team Building
(Do You Want To Be In My Gang?)

Any organisation has teams. Often any thought of teams tends to look at the department or section as a team. True.

What is often forgotten though is that other teams exist across sections, departments, and geographical divides. If in the example below

  • Veronica hasn't met new guys Gerry and Louis...
  • Quinten has always thought of Betty as an Opera going snob because she had a Caruso CD in her car at the conference.....
  • and Gerry has only seen a picture Quinten in his kilt at the Christmas party and can't talk to him on the phone without thinking he is a bit of a burk....

..... then the Nationwide Launch of the new Corporate Unity Brand is likely to be a bit disjointed!


Our team building courses are focused on getting people to know each other a bit better. More than that they aim to build confidence and trust levels between members of the team. They are likely to be unconventional, and they are likely to be fun, as well as hard work. For organisations that have their own clear ideas of how they want teams to work we will tailor a course to include any specific topics you want to see covered.

We prefer to run our team building courses away from the normal work environment, but where this is impracticable we are flexible enough to use your own training facilities.

Obviously the nature of these courses means that they are particularly apt for teams within an organisation. For the truly far sighted companies they can be run as a combination of their own staff, and associated company's staff - e.g. key suppliers, sub-contracted manufacturers etc., where the interpersonal relationships at high strategic levels are key to mutual success.

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  Multi National Based Teams.  

These specialist team bonding courses are aimed at large multi national companies and investment organisations, where knowing, understanding, and having complete faith in colleagues in remote locations is key to giving a business that cutting edge that is essential in today's environment.

Normally situated in Western USA our unique courses put your teams in an alien, challenging, and fun environment where they are moulded into a strong cohesive unit. Each member of the team will learn how to lead, and how and when to trust others' leadership, as well as how to use and contribute to the collective power that a good team should be.

Our team skills are focused on generic items rather than specific issues, but we are always happy to tailor a course to include any specific issues, or even use training staff from within a company's organisation to supplement our courses for specialist issues. The remote nature of our training bases also makes them ideal for security conscious organisations to ensure that their senior staff are not subject to involuntary security leaks. These specialist courses are highly likely to involve outdoor physical activity as well as brainpower, and any specialist need will be discussed and catered for.

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**New for 2006**
*New for 2006*
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