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  Project Management.

Project Management is easy. In fact it's as easy as pigs getting flight clearance - anyone can get the paperwork, but can they make it happen?

Seriously though it should be easy. All you need to do is: -

  • Make sure you know what needs to be done
  • Make sure you know when it's needed
  • Make sure you know who needs to do it
  • Make sure they do it on time


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  Project Management.
(bit more than first expected)

Oh - and then you still need to get that monthly report out on time, the phone still rings with production querying volumes for Easter, and no one told people that they should stop emailing you queries about all the other work that still needs doing.

Whoops, suddenly a deadline doesn't seem quite so far away, then it does - only now it's in the past not the future.

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  Project Management.
(at least you're not alone)

If this sounds familiar it's because it is.

Budget and time overruns are depressingly normal. So is the fact that no one really had the time to do adequate critical path analysis, and never seemed to be able to get round to communicate current thinking to members of the project team.

Nor tell them where they fitted into the grand scheme of things, or perhaps even radically discuss with them why they were doing something in case they had any valuable input as to how it could be done even better!

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  Project Management.
(any ideas why?)

In our experience most companies are good at managing their core business, and most section managers are good at running their sections. They are also good at adapting to take on new ideas. However getting something built from scratch to a state where you can start using it is a whole new topic. Unless the right approach and resources are applied from the start things can get out of hand very quickly.

Red House Services works on new projects, and one off set-ups all the time, and to us they are our core business. We like to go a stage further than that though, because we know it is important to you to bring that project control back "in-house" when it is at a suitable state. Because of this we are skilled at building excellent working relationships at all levels of an organisation, so that handover becomes a natural part of the process without the "us and them" that can arise with more aloof companies.

We also know that any outside contractors such as us are an expense to your organisation, and like any expense you would like to minimise it - we just go that extra mile to make sure your expense is an investment rather than a cost.

Get in touch with any ideas about future projects and where we may fit in - we don't bite (but probably will take any tea & biscuits you have on offer!).

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