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  Who Are We?    

Red House Services is a successful Project Management and Resourcing enterprise. We are continually looking to provide new services relating to all aspects of short and longer-term projects, particularly those that do not form part of our clients' core business.

Established in 1996 we are getting ready for our 10th Anniversary in October and are looking forward to helping even more clients over the next 10 years. We also have over 20 years experience in systems and project mangement to call on, ranging from technical involvement, quality assurance, and planning, through to senior management.

Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner (Registration No. P2R/047041 ).

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  What Are We?    

We like to think of ourselves as "..that pair of hands you need to get the job done..".

Every project needs people to make it happen. Sometimes those people are needed at a strategic and project management level to keep up the task chasing, and provide essential feedback to senior management. Sometimes those people are needed at a technical level to create that database, produce that interface, build that system, or whatever the issue is at the time.

Other times people are needed, often with a fresh outlook, to check though your business processes and help you get a clear picture of just what you need (often different from what people are willing to give you - but you never realise until it's too late!).

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  Why Us?    

When you have a one-off project with deadlines to meet you need people that can hit the ground running.

You may have good staff within your organisation, but typically they already have a full-time job anyway otherwise you wouldn't be employing them. Taking people away from their normal role often causes critical bottlenecks and conflicts of interest. Red House Services can work alongside your own experienced staff, as well as your organisation's senior management to get projects off the ground and implemented.

We are experienced at building good relations with customers and their employees. This makes it easy for us to hand projects back for your own teams to take control once the initial mountain of set-up tasks has been climbed.

Alternatively we are happy to talk about options for outsourcing management and control for larger projects where appropriate. Typically this would apply to legacy systems that are still required for a finite amount of time, but do not form part of the eventual corporate policy. When support for such systems is needed for periods of a year or more it is often inappropriate to recruit full time staff, when there is a possibility of severance problems later.

We are also genuinely committed to providing whatever service our customers need. Unlike other larger companies offering similar service we do not have a policy of "...foot in the door, and you'll never get us out...", nor do we spend millions on Corporate Image changes resulting firstly in a new name which uses special letters that you can't find on any keyboard, and secondly in huge variable overheads that need to be recouped from customers in one way or another!

What we do have is a track record and experience in getting things done, making sure you're happy with what you get, and saying farewell till next time.

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Simple - when you need us.

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