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Whitewater The Canoe Centre - the low down from the guys in Shepperton

Canoe Focus - the official magazine of the BCU

Civil Service Canoe Club

BCU Surf Whitewater kayaking

Playboating - the magazine dedicated to the freestyle artist - the guide to playspots around the world

GetOut - Info site set up by the canoe shop Brookbank

British Canoe Union

Kayaks and Paddles - sit on's, playboats, and much much more!


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River Salmon -
Class II to IV+ rapids to test your river running skills - and some great playspots as well!

Puch the wave!

New for 2001!

We have arranged with our suppliers to provide a two week kayak instruction binge! The first week will be spent with our qualified instructors on several local rivers, checking out your river moves, finding some great playspots to spend time in. The River Salmon is listed in 'The Top Ten Playspots' list, and the Rivers Payette, Middle Fork of the Salmon and Carbarton all offer sections of water that will provide adrenaline rushes for everyone from a first time river runner to skilled playboaters.

The second week will be spent putting all those new and old skills into practice on the River Salmon - hang on as you go over Salmon Falls, wing through Big Mallard, roar through Growler and mince through Dried Meat!

Check with us for availability and dates.

Beginners need not be left out! We have special 1, 2 or 3 day courses - no previous knowledge of the sport is necessary for our beginner sessions. Our instructors will teach you the secret of the eskimo roll, how to read and understand the river, eddy turns, and in no time you will be running rapids. All of our classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students to one instructor, who will help you develop kayaking skills at your own comfort level and pace. All equipment, shuttles and lunches are provided. See the sample itinerary below:

1 Day Beginner introduction to kayaking- Spend the morning on flatwater learning basic strokes and rescue manoeuvers. In the afternoon as your confidence progresses we will introduce rolling and proceed on to moving water.

2 Day Beginner session- On the second day of this program we will work on rolling techniques and self-rescue. As yours skills progress we will introduce river running skills in moving water with an emphasis on eddy turns and ferrying across the current.

3 Day Beginner session- The third day of this program will emphasize river running skills in whitewater and will introduce you to play paddling.

Basic Intermediates - for those who have some whitewater experience but wish to enhance specific paddling skills we offer 1-3 day sessions. Whether you want to improve your roll, or learn how to surf, our instructors will help you unlock the secrets of advancement.

Finally..... the multiday trip

Raft supported kayak trips - what bliss! The rafts carry your gear while you paddle and play on a 3-6 day trip. Our instructors will gladly help you work on your technique or you can follow the rafts and other kayakers at your own speed.

Experienced kayakers can bring their boats on any of our trips or if you need to rent a boat we have a variety of the latest playboats and some higher volume boats as well.

For a multi-day raft support trip you must be at least a basic intermediate or have completed our 3-day beginner session.

If you have non-kayaking friends or family - no problem, they can ride the raft on the mulitday trip, and there are plenty of things to do while you are out on the river beforehand.

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