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Frequently asked questions about our white water rafting trips to River Salmon, Idaho

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How do I decide which trip is right for me and my group?

Give us a call so that we can explain the trips we offer and what to expect. June is a warm, high water month with more wildlife. July and August are the hottest and most popular months. The early autumn coolness of September trips offers great views of autumn colours. We'll decide together which trip best suits you and your group.

What's a typical day like on the river?

Plan to be on the water two to three hours at a time, stopping regularly to explore historical sights and observe wildlife along the bank. We stop at warm, white sand beaches for swimming, relaxation and sometimes volleyball. Hiking, fishing or panning for gold are also among the many river pursuits. The calmer water near the back shore is a great place to try an inflatable kayak. Then it's back in the water for another few hours before your next meal or camp.

What are your guides like?

Our guides are fun-loving with varied backgrounds, unique personalities and knowledge of the history, folklore and wildlife of the areas you travel. They are licensed by the State of Idaho and are trained in first aid, CPR and river rescue techniques. Jet boat pilots are licensed through the US Coast Guard.

The outdoors makes hungry - what's the food like?

Count on generous portions of delicious healthy food. Appetisers, followed by a variety of main dishes, for example: grilled fish or meat, pasta dishes, Mexican (vegetarians are well catered for - but please let us know in advance - there are no shops on the river!) Lunch times are buffet style - plenty of cold meats, cheeses, salads, bread and fresh fruit. Breakfasts are varied - cereal and fruits, pancakes, bacon and eggs, or tortillas, with as much fruit juice, tea and coffee as you can drink. The rafts also carry snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and plenty of ice to cool your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (bring cans or plastic containers). We can also prepare other special menus to meet dietary requirements.

Can I bring my children along?
Children of six and up are welcome on the raft trips. We generally have at least one special family trip each year. Otherwise rafting is suitable for all ages from 6 -90!

How safe is river rafting and jet boating?

Idaho has the strictest licensing requirements for outfitters and guides of any US state. Our guides are give supplementary training in river rescue techniques as well as emergency medical training. Red House White Water Experience and our co-partners consider your safety to be our first and foremost concern.

Do you customise trips?

Photography, wine tasting, kayaking and natural history are just a few of the tailored trips we have done - and we will be happy to accommodate your group's interests on your river adventure. We can also customise jet boat and rafting trips to accommodate people with disabilities and special needs, and can secure signers or interpreters.

I am not a strong swimmer - what happens if I fall in?

Everyone on a raft trip wears a lifejacket when they are on the rafts. These are designed to fully support you in the unlikely event that you fall in. You will be fully briefed before launch in what to do should you fall into the river.

Do I need to bring anything special?

Our philosophy is to provide all your equipment and food in our base price. You will only need to bring yourself, your camera and your clothes. We will provide you with a list of recommended gear, along with a reminder sheet reviewing what to expect and how to prepare for your adventure.

Can I go fishing?

The fishing is generally better in late August and September, when the water is running slower. However, you can fish at any time, we can bring some rods along for you (please let us know) or you can bring your own. Steelhead and Sturgeon are protected species, so it is catch and release only.

Are there any restrictions?

To make our adventures enjoyable for everyone, we prohibit portable stereos, glass containers, pets and firearms. Personal stereos with headphones are allowed.

What is camping like on the river?

You will camp each night on sandy beaches, we provide easy to erect tents (takes 2 mins) - but you may want to sleep under the stars. We provide sleeping pads and bags to make your stay comfortable. Make sure you bring a torch - there is no electricity! During the white water season the weather is ideal, but we are always prepared for an occasional shower. The River Salmon's swift water attracts virtually no mosquitoes - something even veteran campers find pleasant!

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